Mission Statement

Living Well” is a compounding relief fund which provides social assistance primarily for metastatic breast cancer patients who have “school to college aged” children.

The goal of the foundation is rooted in the desire to help patients and families benefit from financial relief for social services. The purpose of the foundation is to provide opportunities of support and financial assistance for unforeseen living expenses while living with terminal breast cancer. Living with cancer is not an independent experience. The hope of the foundation is to help create and develop a universal concept of care, by means of involving a community of navigators. The offering of support comes in many different manners, which will in turn help the patient and family members achieve a renewal of spirit for hope and healing.

The “Living Well” was created to help others face each day with courage. There are so many ways in which to experience the journey of cancer recognizing it as a tarnished blessing. It is important to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The foundation will provide a continuing reservoir of replenishment for patients, families and others who are encountering a similar path so that we are all “living well”.