Native Floridian, Marcia Deeb Thornberry, is a licensed Interior Designer in the State of
Florida with over 43 years of experience in Interior Design, Construction, Property and Office
Management, Property Development and other industry related activities. She holds B.S. and
M.S. degrees in Interior Design, and a M.S. in Event Management from Florida State University
with post PhD studies in both the Social Sciences and Human Sciences where she was an
Adjunct Professor in Housing. She developed and chaired the first Showcase of Offices in the
United States, has planned and managed over 200 weddings, meetings, and
conferences, has been active on a variety of local, state and national boards, an event
planner/manager, community volunteer, and loves to travel with her husband Bob and spend
time with her 14 grandchildren.

The love of family and friends has no bounds when we put others needs before our own. This is
what Jennifer Ervin Taylor manages to do every day of her life through her nursing, friendships,
family, and the JFLW Foundation. As a lifetime friend of my oldest daughter I have known and
loved her for many years. Almost eleven years ago when my 8 year old grandson was injured in
a fatal accident Jennifer miraculously showed up at the hospital and whisked away his 4 year old
sister taking care of her for days. Naturally, when she called me to be a part of the first Joanna
Francis Living Well event I did not hesitate to accept. If Jen felt there was a need in the
community, I was in for the long run.

The novel concept to provide financial assistance for non-medical expenses for breast cancer
patients as well as to provide a “community” for women and men who are touched by the disease
was a phenomenal idea. The Foundation became the beneficiary of the courage and openness
that Joanna was unafraid to lay bare for others to see. From the beginning Joanna’s honesty drew
me in and I was impressed by her ability to not only encourage many to embrace their situation
but her also her capacity to let them know they were not alone